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Expert Tree Trimming and Pruning for Richmond, Virginia

Give Your Trees the Right Cut

When it comes to tree trimming and pruning, it is a lot more involved than it may first appear.

Proper tree care is not simply giving your tree the equivalent of a haircut or a decorative shape. Rather, trimming and pruning directly affects the health of your tree and the safety of your yard by removing diseased and unhealthy limbs, branches, and boughs. This allows the rest of your tree to thrive and be resilient against pests, disease, and extreme weather.

Proper trimming and pruning can be a complex project to shoulder on your own. That’s why you should hire Green’s Tree Service to give the trees on your property the quality care they deserve and need to flourish for years to come. You will see and appreciate the difference our work can make. 

Tree Trimming and Tree Health

Trimming does a lot for a tree’s health. Most tree diseases begin in the branches and not in the main trunk of the tree. By identifying these diseased limbs, you can lop off the affected part of the tree without risking infection for the rest of the organism. Safe, strategic removal of top branches can also allow more light and air to reach the lower parts of the tree which may be stressed.

Control Growth on Your Property

Your tree can be crafted to meet your property’s constraints and needs. If your tree has a branch growing toward your windows or roof, you shouldn’t leave potential property damage to chance. The same goes for electrical fixtures, telephone wires, lawn fixtures and neighboring trees. If left unchecked, your tree can be very destructive to surrounding objects. Proper pruning and tree maintenance can prevent expensive damage from occurring.
Tree Trimming

Work With Your Local Tree Experts

It takes a lot of skill to know which cuts to make and why. Tree trimming is both a science and an art, something you don’t want to leave to just anyone to take care of.
When it comes down to it, you want the best property services on the market. There’s no need to settle for less when we’re in town. Give us a call and find out how our tree expertise can keep your yard safe and your trees healthy.